Homes For Veterans More Completed Projects

Homes For Veterans – More completed projects for our veterans.

Veterans Museum in Tuckerton New Jersey

Homes For Veterans installed a ramp on this veterans museum in Tuckerton NJ. They had veterans that couldn’t get in. See gallery below.

The museum was the brainchild of Lincoln Mott, George Mott and Frank Place.

We were Incorporated in 1984 by the state of New Jersey, received our 501c3 status from the IRS in 1985. Put on the Pub 78 (a list of all tax exempt organizations from the IRS). Frank was the president up till his death (1998). Since then Jim Comis assumed president’s post and continues to serve.

We are a Veterans Organization.

The museum goes to organizations such as schools, hospitals, veterans homes, churches, fire companies, senior citizens homes, military installation free of charge at their request.

We are presently working out of a trailer as far as displays go. Office work and storage at home, which will continue until we have a museum.

The museum has a varied collection of memorabilia ranging from WWI through Vietnam. The display includes patches, uniforms, weapons and radios.


Jonah is a Marine that served in Iraq.  A spinal injury left him to live his life in wheelchair. Taking a shower in his own home was now a dangerous mission. Trying to cross over from his wheelchair to the shower using a board and make shift ramp was scary. Homes for Veterans came in and changed his regular bathroom to a barrier free bathroom with a roll in shower and a roll under sink.

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Veteran Forte

We installed some grab bars.



Veteran Roberts

We built a ramp.



Veteran Rich Tyrpak

We widened two entrance doorways.





Sgt. James Bellamy, Newark New Jersey

A recent finished project was to rebuild the front porch of Sgt James Bellamy. He lives is life in a power chair and it is his only access into his home.

The porch foundation is crumbling and it is about to collapse It is so dangerous for him to roll along that porch in his power chair. Several contractors estimate this project to be over $15,000.

Sgt Bellamy has a fixed income and he needs help with this repair.


An extra special thanks to THE GYM for a huge fundraiser by the staff and members and a generous gift from ASMBASTAR. Without them this would not have been possible.





Sgt. James Bellamy

Sgt James Bellamy's Badly Sagging Porch

Charlie White, Linden New Jersey

We’re also trying to help Charlie White. He is also confined to a power chair in Linden, NJ.

Charlie would like a ramp to his front door. It is a problem though because he rents the house and to put ramp on this house requires a very long ramp that will change the front of the home.

We are discussing options with contractors for a temporary or portable structure that could be installed.

Frank Carlton, wheelchair bound veteran

We widened two doorways for barrier free living for disabled veteran Frank Carlton.

Work in Progress Pictures Below:



Finished Project, and Barrier Free!


And, for Veteran Frank Carlton, we also widened a hallway:


Homes for Veterans modifies the homes of veterans for free. 

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable veterans organization.

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