• The veterans who have come home from war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the war on terror, military campaigns arising from the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and other military conflicts around the world are disabled because they put their lives on the line for Freedom’s cause.
  • These men and women of our Armed Forces – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force – joined their units, companies and battalions whole. Because of rockets, grenades, mortars, landmines, improved explosive devices and insurgent sharpshooters, countless ground troops, troops riding in Humvees and more have became disabled and are now not able to attain the resources they need to buy a home.
  • These homes for our troops, veterans, need to be handicap accessible and barrier free homes. This is the mission that Homes For Veterans has undertaken – to modify homes for veterans.

The Painful Facts of Fighting For Freedom – Which is Never Free:

  • Explosions, grenades tearing through armored military Humvees and more have burned and maimed countless soldiers, many of whom will not leave their comrades in arms until everyone is out. Excessive burns, blindness, loss of fingers, hands, arms, legs, feet, shrapnel wounds, and more have left these noble soldiers and their lives changed forever.
  • Having to live in a home where just moving around the kitchen or taking a shower is a huge struggle is difficult and completely unnecessary.
  • Home For Veterans is dedicated to modifying the homes of veteran. Your donation to our military charity will allow them the dignity of living independently.
  • We also help Veterans who have not been combat wounded and do not qualify for VA Benefits. If a railing, banister, roll in shower, ramp, or chairlift will make their life better in their own home, we will get it done. 

Letter of Determination – Click to Download the PDF Version

Homes for Veterans modifies the homes of veterans for free. 

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable veterans organization.