THE GYM Raises $8,000 with 3rd Annual Homes For Veterans Fundraiser

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THE GYM, a complete lifestyle and fitness center, has continued in its philanthropic efforts with events that raised money for Homes For Veterans. This is the third year in a row THE GYM has supported this worthy cause.

Homes for Veterans is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization whose mission is to modify the homes of disabled veterans to make them handicap accessible and barrier free. Many veterans are unable to attain the resources needed to buy or modify their homes for handicap access, so all modifications made to their homes by the organization are done at no cost to them. THE GYM first started working with Homes For Veterans in 2014, and has raised almost $24,000 since. This year, THE GYM is proud to report that support from members and staff this year totaled an impressive $8,000.

Doug DiPaola, President / CEO of Homes For Veterans, commented, “The staff at THE GYM are an amazing group. I watched them volunteer their time on Veterans Day to have a push-up contest fundraiser to support Homes For Veterans. They want the members of our armed forces know how much Americans appreciate their service and sacrifice. They did a terrific job. Thank you to all.”

Homes For Veterans Fundraiser by The GYM
Left to right: Lisa Bruchalski, Pete Kandel, Doug DiPaola, President/CEO of Homes For Veterans, James Siletti, Jeff Rivers.


In November 2014, THE GYM raised $12,196 by hosting a series of fundraising events for Homes For Veterans. The money was used to make urgently needed repairs to the Newark, New Jersey home of Sergeant James Bellamy where the organization engaged a contractor who completed a $16,450 renovation of the front porch, stabilizing the structure and augmenting the installation of a mechanized wheelchair lift that was installed by the Veteran’s Administration.

Lisa Bruchalski, Fitness Director at THE GYM of Montvale, said “I am so proud of our members and staff for sticking with and supporting Homes For Veterans! And a very special thank you to Pete Kandel and James Siletti for your service, and participation in the event, of course!”

In November 2015, the fundraising events included a push-up contest, with trainers and members participating in a friendly competition where funds were raised with every push-up. The fitness events and sales of “Support Our Troops” t-shirts raised over $3,400 for Homes For Veterans last year.

Homes For Veterans Fundraiser by The GYM
Thank you to our Englewood team members Lurressa Thomas, Daniel Pavas and Jessica Wolthoff for your service to our country.


This time around, funds raised by THE GYM will be used to help former Marine, Kyle Chappell, of Morristown, NJ. After graduating from high school, Chappell enlisted in the Marines, serving four years, during which he spent nine months each in Iraq and Afghanistan. In April 2015, Chappell was seriously injured in an accident, suffering injuries to his spinal cord and the loss of his leg. The special event was a Veterans Day Walkathon with participants wearing a 65lb vest, as well as t-shirt sales with all proceeds going to Homes For Veterans.

“We have looked forward to these fundraising events for Home for Veterans since the first year we started the initiative,” said Nurit Chasman, Fitness Director at THE GYM of Englewood. “The fact that we have staff members who are also Vets makes it even more fulfilling. Thank you to Daniel Pavas, Lurressa Thomas and Jessica Wolthoff for your service!”

THE GYM stands behind and is proud to support those who have protected and served our country with honor. The dedicated members and staff are committed to helping charitable organizations like Homes For Veterans, and other local causes. THE GYM is gratified by the success of these annual fundraisers, and will be conducting other fundraising events in 2016.

Homes For Veterans is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to adapt the homes of disabled veterans to make them handicap accessible and barrier free. Based in Harrington Park, New Jersey, Homes For Veterans helps disabled veterans who are unable to secure the necessary resources to modify their homes to accommodate their disabilities.

Homes For Veterans
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