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“THE WORLD IS A MESS!!!!”  You Say?

How about helping to clean it up! Yes YOU!

After hearing the news of the day, chock full of death, doom, divisiveness, and other dastardly deeds what do you do? Put your hands over your ears?  Cover your eyes? Play endless games of Pokemon to forget what you’ve seen or heard? Take out your anxiety on people or small animals? Lose another night’s sleep?




Did you ever wonder about your neighbors, friends or co-workers who have family coming back wounded and injured from fighting and serving in the United States Military? Not necessarily the people you see on TV or commercials but someone who lives on your street, works in the store around the block from you or whose children go to school with yours.

That is precisely what we did when we founded Homes for Veterans. We were so frustrated with the dark, negative and depressing things we saw happening all around us, everyday, every hour and in every newscast, newspaper and radio broadcast.


We really wanted to bring some light into the world for a change, even if that light would only shine as far as the perimeter of our own proverbial backyard. We knew there already existed very large Veterans organizations, from the Government on down, with a mission to help Vets.

We decided that we wanted to engage in “close range” activities with local veterans, kind of like an Infantry branch maneuvering in a terrain where the larger organizations may not be, where we could put our work boots on and walk up to the front door of a disabled Veteran in our town if we noticed they needed a wheelchair ramp for their porch so they could get in and out of their house by themselves.

It wasn’t long before we found local Veterans like *Sergeant Robert Clarke in Clifton, NJ, Veteran Charlie White in Linden, NJ, and Sergeant James Bellamy in Newark, NJ who really needed help. Many of these Veterans had almost given up trying to make their lives better, needing simple things like a doorway widened for their wheelchair, handicap-accessible appliances, bathrooms and sinks or ramps to be able to get in and out of their homes.

We found older Veterans from the Vietnam War who had faded into the background behind the Middle East conflicts and the current politics of our day and young Vets who had been in the Gulf War and still others who had done tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. They too needed things that didn’t seem too far out of reach for us to try and help them. So, with the help of folks just like you, we did!

So today, here we stand, ready to help, improving the lives of these service men and woman, one Veteran at a time.

What about you?  Are you ready to help make this world a little bit better? Now is your chance!


Find a way to help us. It can be big or small but find a way to help us make a better world, one Veteran at a time. After you do, you can go back to playing Pokemon but I’m guessing you may not.

You’ll be happy!

*Look at our website to read more about our work and to see projects that have been completed and projects on which we are now working. There are plenty of ways to help.    201.660.8364    email    501©(3) charitable organization