Homes For Veterans Mission Statement:

Homes for Veterans modifies the homes of veterans for free.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable veterans organization.

We offer Military Families and Wounded Veterans help with the following:

Building Ramps - Widening Doorways 

Kitchen Adaptations such as roll under sinks, lowering counter tops, etc.  

Bathroom Adaptations such as roll in showers 

Anything that will make a Veteran more comfortable in their own home

George Rieland was born and raised in Camden County New Jersey. George enlisted in the Marines, and after completing boot camp he got his overseas assignment in Fallujah Iraq.

During his second tour George was on a rooftop directing mortar fire when he was hit. The bullet ripped through his leg. It was a direct hit to his knee, the bones shattered.

The medics couldn't stop the bleeding so they tied a tourniquet and got him to the field hospital. The Doctors did what the could but eventually George lost his leg from above the knee down.

George is home now and has a prosthetic. Most of the time at home he uses his power chair to get around. Homes For Veterans will be removing his tub and vanity to install a roll in in shower and a roll under sink.

George and other veterans like him, combat wounded veterans, are the precise reason why Homes For Veterans was created. Fighting for this precious country of ours, making sacrifices, sometimes of life, other times of limbs. Every combat soldier has a story to tell. Homes For Veterans makes their every day life easier by specially modifying their homes so they can get around easier, and safer, and so they can get on with their lives.

Won't you generously help Homes For Veterans continue the work that we do?

Harrington Park Group Modifies Home For Injured Vets

HARRINGTON PARK, N.J. — When Kyle Chappell, the so-called “Miracle Marine,” needed help modifying his home to maneuver his wheelchair, Doug DiPaola of Harrington Park was happy to help.

DiPaola, 57, founded Homes for Veterans , a nonprofit, precisely for people like Chappell.

“I learned there are a lot of injured veterans who need help with things that do not meet the requirements of any VA program,” he said.

Their needs include widening doorways, installing ramps, creating roll-in showers, and modifying kitchens.

Chappell, who lives in Boonton, served two tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. But he was severely injured in an April 2015 motorcycle accident after he returned to civilian life.

He was riding to his job as an electrician at Esposito’s Electric in Denville when it happened.

Chappell lost a leg in the incident. His lungs collapsed. His liver, kidney, and spleen were lacerated. He also was decapitated from within.

At home, he faced dangerous realities, given his long medical recuperation. First, he needed a chairlift to get in and out of his mother’s 1950's Ranch-style house.

“Taking a shower was just dangerous,” Chappell said, “so there needed to be an improvement in some way. I’m still not super mobile so getting in and out of bathtubs is not preferable.”

Homes for Veterans modified the Chappell bathroom for free. It removed a vanity, giving the Marine easy access to the sink, and replaced the tub with a roll-in shower.


Joe from Waldwick, NJ who served in the army during the Gulf War now lives his life in a wheelchair. He lives with his father-in-law who served in the Korean War and is in a wheelchair. We are building a ramp so they can get in and out of the house without being carried out by ambulance personnel.

James from Tennessee served 12 years in the Army and now has trouble walking and working. He needs his tub replaced with a walk in shower and he's falling behind financially.

Mike in Avenel, NJ served in the Navy and now has financial difficulties. We are repairing his living room ceiling which has partially collapsed.

Calvin of Dumont, NJ  served in the Army for 10 years. We are replacing his back door stairs which are in such bad shape that he fell down them and now has a spinal injury.

Joe of Hackensack, NJ  served in a Navy submarine. Barely able to walk he shuffles around his home with a cane. We are installing a staircase chair lift.



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There are so many veterans that have one leg and live in a wheelchair.

They need your help to get into their homes.

There are steps or a doorway that is too narrow.

They need your support to take a shower because the tub is to difficult to get into.

Homes for Veterans has ramps built, doorways widened, tubs removed and roll in showers installed.

We can only do this with your support.

You can show your thanks with a generous donation.

Even $20.00 will help.

Anything you can do to say thank you to our heroes for their service and sacrifice.

Donations by Mail:

Homes For Veterans
105 Highland Avenue
Harrington Park New Jersey 07640



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